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Work in progress

Mods have a default block ID range, but actual block IDs for specific worlds may vary based upon other installed mods and configuration settings. Unmined will able to read block IDs from mod configuration files and will have an easy tool for setting up block IDs manually:

Good news

Finally I have fixed all the bugs and I’m preparing a prerelease now. What we have is a full multi-threaded and double-cached processing and rendering engine with layer support, and it’s suitable for creating editor tools and huge amount of new map features.

Live map and the bridge mod

Mojang has changed the chunk saving code in Minecraft Snapshot 12w21b, it seems that newly created chunks are not saved until they are dropped from the chunk cache. Unmined cannot access chunks until Minecraft saves them, so this will add a significant delay when using live map.

These delays could be completely eliminated by creating an API mod that acts a bridge between Unmined and Minecraft and can be used by Unmined to access unsaved chunk data and other in-game information like player positions in real-time. Unmined is not meant to be an in-game navigation tool since writing a mod is much better way to do this (I use Rei’s minimap), but updating the map as soon as possible can be important and showing player positions in real-time would be cool.

Writing an API mod and a Bukkit plugin would open the possibilities for adding in-game tools to Unmined like in-game editing, teleporting players, setting up permissions and protected areas, reverting user changes and more. Mapping a remote server would be also possible.

What do you think about this?