What’s coming next:

  • Configuration for 1.13+ blocks (=good looking and customizable maps)
  • Map tile generation for web (using Leaflet instead of Google Maps)
  • Enabled parallel processing on multi-core CPUs
  • Improved error handling
  • A new website for the new stuff
  • Documentation and howtos

After the things above I will integrate the new BlockState based engine into the GUI version, and add support for 1.12 worlds.

uNmINeD 0.11.2-dev

New uNmINeD release for Minecraft 1.13+ is available for download.

It’s a development snapshot (buggy, ugly and slow). Can be used to render single image maps of Minecraft 1.13+ worlds.

To render an entire world:

unmined-cmd image render --source="%APPDATA%\.minecraft\saves\New World" --dest="image.png"

To render 4×3 regions at region (-2,-2):

unmined-cmd image render --source="%APPDATA%\.minecraft\saves\New World" --dest="image.png" --area=r(-2,-2,4,3) 

Sample output (Minecraft 1.13.2):