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uNmINeD is a customizable two-dimensional Minecraft map rendering and browsing tool for Windows (⇒ download). uNmINeD is fast, easy to use, and uses simplified colors to make terrain and user-made structures more visible (⇒ examples). Scroll down and see the blog posts for screenshots, or visit the forum.

Status report

I can spend more time on uNmINeD in September and the coming months. Many things have been already done.

  • Redesigned internals to provide full support for Minecraft 1.13 and future mods
  • Reworked and highly customizable map renderer
  • Cleaned GUI code

First I will release a command line tool that can be used to generate single images and map tiles for Google Maps and other web based viewers. Then comes the GUI version and some documentation.

Thank you for your patience.

Work in progress

Here is a screenshot of the upcoming release. Some of the new features are: zoom out, new rendering engine, customizable blocks and colors, transparent blocks, biomes, image and data cache, fast google maps generator. Supports Minecraft Launcher, MultiMC, Forge mods and Metadump,


Progress report

Sorry for the long time without a release. I haven’t had so much time for coding uNmINeD the last few months, but I have finished many features like zoom-out, caching, Forge integration (with MetaDump), and a more configurable renderer. I’m in a middle of doing some refactoring now, and porting the project to Visual Studio 2015, after that I will make a release.

uNmINeD 0.10.331dev

New uNmINeD release is available for download.


  • Added popup menu commands to map:
    • Copy block id
    • Copy block number
    • Copy /tp location (works underground)
  • Added images to block browser (textures are from latest Minecraft installed)
  • Added change detection to file browser (no restart required when creating/deleting folders and worlds)
  • Changed location of settings files to local application data folder (~\AppData\Local\uNmINeD\*.*)
  • Fixed slow block browser


uNmINeD 0.10.330dev

New uNmINeD release is available for download.


  • Added jump to location (enter X and Z block coordinates use “r” prefix for regions, “c” for chunks)
  • Added block list with search, can copy IDs to clipboard