uNmINeD 0.10.328dev

New uNmINeD release is available for download.


  • Added a quick way to make unknown modded blocks look less annoying

uNmINeD 0.10.325dev

New uNmINeD release is available for download.


  • Added block filter
  • Less CPU usage, smoother operation
  • Less memory usage
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Changed property names in metapacks

Block filter capabilities:

Unmined 0.8.321dev


  • Added Google Maps generator
  • Fixed inaccuracies of slicer and x-ray
  • Fixed inaccuracies of shader
  • Fixed inaccuracies of cave edge finder
  • Fixed PNG export glitches (visible tile edges)

To make a map viewable online using Google Maps API, open your Minecraft world in uNmINeD, and press the Generate button on the right side panel (see Example results):


Textured rendering mode

Some work-in-progress screenshots of what’s coming:

Unmined 0.8.319dev


  • Added black wall edges to caves, allowing to see whether cave blocks next to each other are connected or not
  • Added colors to the default stylesheet (stone, big mushrooms, stone/wood buildings and farms now have different colors)
  • Changed metapack file format for blocks with data value (like “minecraft:sand:1”)
  • Fixed wrong seed displayed
  • Fixed some stylesheet issues



Explored and unexplored caves (underground + night view):