Work in progress

The default stylesheet for Minecraft and BiomesOPlenty blocks are being ported to the new engine. Beta releases and feature lists are coming soon.

(Minecraft 1.11.2 and Forge mods are supported.)

16 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. Roland

    Thank you very much for continuing development on this exellent tool!
    Before adding modding support, please focus on core functionality, like zoom out (negative zoom) and also a refresh button.

    Looking forward to future versions!

  2. Graeme Melia

    An erlier version tracked the player position in real time, will this b returning? I find it too easy to get lost and I used it alot. Thanks.

  3. James

    Thanks alot, appreciate the work,
    Can we get it to zoom in on the HTML output 2 more levels though?
    Not quite enough detail for my maps.
    Biomes o Plenty not quite supported yet either?

  4. Roland

    How is it going?
    Release soon?
    Been over a year since you presented some of the upcoming functions…
    Please release an update soon or release the source for the community to continue

  5. Geethebluesky

    This is a long shot, but…

    Is there any possibility of adding a biome overlay (just with names and random colors, to see and differentiate them at a glance) onto the 1.12 version?

  6. Tom

    Is there any way we can at least test the development versions? I want to export a 1.12.2 map as a large image so I can do some web-design with it, but I cant find any other tool to do it!

  7. Fikret

    @megasys can you update often the blog about working progress? :)
    i don’t want to wait the new version please be hurry :)
    so, whats the project release date?

  8. Chris Hayes

    I’m very interested to know if you’re making progress on making this fun tool work with 1.13! I’d be a patron if it were an option.


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