Status report

I have redesigned everything to use block names and states instead of numeric block identifiers (as Minecraft 1.13 does).

  • Chunk loader: works
  • BlockState registry: works
  • Tiles*: works
  • Slices**: works
  • ETA of rendering: within a few days
  • ETA of GUI version: within a few weeks

First sample images and a basic command line mapper for Minecraft 1.13+ will arrive within a few days.

Thank you all for your comments, donations, support and patience!

*: uNmINeD has it’s own chunk format called tile, optimized for fast overview mapping and low memory usage (one tile is 256×256 blocks wide).

**: Slice is a horizontal section of a tile, like you had cut the world at a certain height. Slices contain only the top layer of blocks that are visible from above. Slices and tiles are cached, so uNmINeD doesn’t have to reload and process chunks from game files every time you change rendering options.

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