Happy New Year!

I’m going to release the first development version for Minecraft 1.13 next week, then regular updates will follow, one or more each week.

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Tam McNutter

    Looking forward to this. Here’s a bit of an “out there” suggestion, but since MCEdit seems to have stagnated somewhat how easy/hard/pointless do you think it would be to add the equivalent of the ‘prune’ feature from MCEdit to uNmINeD? (i.e. delete all but the selected chunks.) I’m not looking to feature bloat what is a mapping application, just suggesting a ‘value-added’ function. Cheers!

  2. Trevor

    I’d like to join the chorus thanking you for your efforts. I’m excited to use it and show others.

    There are several map makers around but yours is by far the coolest.

  3. Thomas Martin

    That’s great news! uNmINeD is the BEST mapping utility out there.
    I’ve looked around your site and can’t find a donation link. Do you have one?

  4. Todd

    There are very few software products that I’ve been as excited about as I am about this. Really looking forward to this! Adding myself to the chorus of grateful uNmINeD users!

  5. MamaBear

    Hi! My husband and I are parents of two kids, all of us are avid Minecraft players with our own server which our relatives & friends play on. Our daughter, 12, who wants to become a geologist when she grows up, is excited about the new version of uNmINed. She loves to pretend that uNmINed is a GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) device or a seismic imaging device both of which are actual devices used by geologists to scan & map the ground. She was sad when her “device” stopped working after we updated to 1.13. Lol. Our son, 10, loves to dig deep underground and can’t wait to work with his sister to avoid digging into danger or to find dungeons. From all of us, THANK YOU for making and updating such a wonderful and fun map viewer! :) (Sorry for the long comment.)


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