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  1. Eneroth3

    firstly, I’m really looking forward to this. This is what made me decide to use unmined and not c10t (even if c10t supports anvil later).

    However, I would really appreciate an option to change the cardinal directions to negative x as north as it was before MC 1.0 when my server, along with many others, was created. Today I render the maps manually and then rotate them in an image editor but this makes the lighting quite weird (light from upper right corner).

    Since all buildings and places are aligned and named after the old cardinal direction there is no possibility to just switch to the new ones but just accepting that the sun now rises in the south.

      1. Eneroth3

        Great news :)

        Will there be buttons to rotate in the web browser or is it defined in the config file? If the user can rotate the map will I as administrator be able to set the default rotation?

        1. megasys Post author

          Unmined will have rotate buttons and there will be a configuration setting for online map generation. Users will not able to rotate the generated map when viewing online.

  2. Eneroth3

    just wanted to show my own online map viewer. Mouse wheel for zoom and panning is yet to be coded but otherwise it’s nearly finished. Really looking forward to unmined script support so I can put more images into it :) (for now I render big maps and crop with a dirty hardcoded php script)



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