Unmined 0.3.165

What’s new in 0.3.165 (download):

  • Added Copy location right click menu command for easier teleporting
  • Made GUI code faster
  • Fixed crash when opening world in certain circumstances

6 thoughts on “Unmined 0.3.165

  1. Gard

    Thanks for fixing this! Also, liking Unmined so much that it’s replaced my in-game map. ∞/10 program, everyone should be using this.

  2. Geoff

    Great application! A quick question:

    In its current state is there any way to locate specific blocks/types of ore? I see you can “dive” down into deeper slices, but when I go down the slices to #12 -through- bedrock, I’d like to be able to see things like Diamond and Redstone, etc.

    This was possible in Cartograph (although I think unmined is a nicer looking and performing app), just curious if I can do it with this.

    Thanks for such a great tool!

    1. megasys Post author

      There will be an option to show ores and other types of blocks, but I want to implement some other things before that.

  3. Xan LV

    This is one of the best live maps I’ve used… Considering I haven’t really looked for any others, nor do I really need to, this thing is amazing! Just a quick question though: I have two computers, is there another way to use the map on one computer and minecraft + a server / minecraft itself on another, or is linking the path to the world data via home LAN network the only way? Thanks for any help in advance. (I just like to have a separate screen for the map is why lol)

  4. Joseph

    I really do miss the older version of uNmINed, I’m sure the changes have come around because of the Minecraft changes. I hope you can work towards what you had before.


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