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Unmined 0.3.163

What’s new in 0.3.163 (download):

  • Improved live map code
  • Restored player following (single player only)
  • Added autoslicer
  • Added low CPU option (reduces live range to few chunks around map center)

Minecraft saves player position in every 2 seconds. When using Optifine, it’s 20 seconds by default, and can be adjusted in Options/Video settings/Other/Autosave. Unmined checks player position in every second when Live map and Player following is turned on.

This is what autoslicer does:

Unmined 0.3.153

What’s new in 0.3.153 (download):

  • Made cache database smaller (rebuilds automatically)
  • Made cache database generation faster
  • Made map rendering faster (1.5-2x)
  • Made memory usage lower (<200 MB when browsing a fully updated map at 1:1 zoom, <500 MB while generating db)
  • Fixed deadlock on exit under certain circumstances (again -.-)

I’m generating a 40k x 40k world with large biomes using Minecraft Land Generator for testing. It’s at 25% (11 GB) after one day, and will be a huge taiga I guess.

Unmined 0.3.151

What’s new in 0.3.151 (download):

  • World can be specified in command line
  • Fixed window sizing problem
  • Fixed missing areas while generating cache database
  • Fixed deadlock on exit under certain circumstances

Use double quotes (“) in command line when specifying filenames containing spaces or non-alphanumeric characters.

This version seems stable and bug-free. Thank you all for bug reports, suggestions and feedbacks. Wanna see the GA stats of the reddit rush happened yesterday?

Unmined 0.3.150

What’s new in 0.3.150 (download):

  • Image export supports zoom levels from 1:16 to 16:1
  • Map supports one zoom-out level (1:2, slow)
  • Fixed minor bugs

Unmined is now able to export very large maps into a single image (up to 360 000 x 360 000 blocks at 1:16 zoom).

Known issues:

  • Some parts of map are not shown when building the cache database first time (workaround: restart) fixed in 0.3.151

Unmined 0.3.149

What’s new in 0.3.149 (download):

  • Removed some features temporarily
  • Added Nether and Ender dimensions
  • Added zoom-in (mouse wheel)
  • Added slicer (ctrl + [shift] + mouse wheel)
  • Added more options
  • Made shading optional
  • Made cache database bigger (~10% of world size) to store information about underground structures
  • Made compatible with Minecraft snapshot 12w19a
  • Made wood blocks artifical if there are no leaves on them
  • Fixed thread library bugs
  • Fixed bugs related to unknown biomes and blocks

Zooming out will be available later.