Unmined 0.3.149

What’s new in 0.3.149 (download):

  • Removed some features temporarily
  • Added Nether and Ender dimensions
  • Added zoom-in (mouse wheel)
  • Added slicer (ctrl + [shift] + mouse wheel)
  • Added more options
  • Made shading optional
  • Made cache database bigger (~10% of world size) to store information about underground structures
  • Made compatible with Minecraft snapshot 12w19a
  • Made wood blocks artifical if there are no leaves on them
  • Fixed thread library bugs
  • Fixed bugs related to unknown biomes and blocks

Zooming out will be available later.

7 thoughts on “Unmined 0.3.149

  1. megasys Post author

    First I need a Mac. I hope someone may send me one :)
    I want to make Mac and Linux releases, but not now, because I have limited time to work on this.

  2. XKero

    Well it on works fine with WINE on my Linux system; what language and toolkits is it written in? It’s really nice anyway, the shading really helps tell depth.

    1. megasys Post author

      Unmined is written in Delphi XE using some third party libraries (see Credits). All Minecraft related code, parallelization library, object lifetime management, the map viewer and most of the GUI elements are written from scratch.


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