Unmined 0.3.163

What’s new in 0.3.163 (download):

  • Improved live map code
  • Restored player following (single player only)
  • Added autoslicer
  • Added low CPU option (reduces live range to few chunks around map center)

Minecraft saves player position in every 2 seconds. When using Optifine, it’s 20 seconds by default, and can be adjusted in Options/Video settings/Other/Autosave.¬†Unmined checks player position in every second when Live map and¬†Player following is turned on.

This is what autoslicer does:

3 thoughts on “Unmined 0.3.163

  1. Gard

    Loving the new features, just having a problem generating my map. It seems like it doesn’t even want to load, whenever I fidget it around though it loads a few chunks. Any idea what’s wrong?


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