Live map and the bridge mod

Mojang has changed the chunk saving code in Minecraft Snapshot 12w21b, it seems that newly created chunks are not saved until they are dropped from the chunk cache. Unmined cannot access chunks until Minecraft saves them, so this will add a significant delay when using live map.

These delays could be completely eliminated by creating an API mod that acts a bridge between Unmined and Minecraft and can be used by Unmined to access unsaved chunk data and other in-game information like player positions in real-time. Unmined is not meant to be an in-game navigation tool since writing a mod is much better way to do this (I use Rei’s minimap), but updating the map as soon as possible can be important and showing player positions in real-time would be cool.

Writing an API mod and a Bukkit plugin would open the possibilities for adding in-game tools to Unmined like in-game editing, teleporting players, setting up permissions and protected areas, reverting user changes and more. Mapping a remote server would be also possible.

What do you think about this?

6 thoughts on “Live map and the bridge mod

  1. le.lutinvert

    First, thanks for unmined.
    I like it.
    To answer you, I don’t mind the delay, and usually when I look the map, I “escape” the game which save it by the same time.
    I would like to ask you something, I use a mod called ExtraBiomesXL, it just add some blocks and biomes. Could it be possible to have like a config file next to your .exe, to add new block ID and colors ?
    Just because my map look all grey.
    Thanks, and keep going.

  2. KillerPandaRage

    In my opinion, I would like it without real time player tracking as I do not really like installing mods in Minecraft. If you were going to implement this feature, I’m going to request that there is a mode in which you did not have to have the mod installed. However, on a server I wouldn’t mind installing a bukkit plugin for a live update.

    There is one thing that I would change about Unmined, in the current version: plain stone looks how, to me, grass should look. Bright green. Can the colours be changed to be more understandable, like stone being a similar colour to cobblestone and torches being yellow/orange, just to make it easier to identify places on the maps. Or will it be possible to change these item’s colours in the config files, too?

    Other than this, unmined is just brilliant. It runs well, very well. The slicing tool is easy to use and the shading looks amazing!

    Thanks, Panda.

    1. megasys Post author

      Unmined will have two default views: map and sky. Map is the only view available in current releases, it contains as few colors as possible to be simple, and it’s optimized for overviewing and editing. Sky view will use textures from the game to render blocks.

      Users will able to create custom views where colors and textures can be specified for each block type.

  3. Eneroth3

    Personally I would use unmined as a mapper instead of c10t. Things like tracking players could be cool but I would disable it (if possible).

    Also the sky view seems really great, I was about to suggest adding a template config file for those colours in the default download but this is much better. Perhaps it could be called satellite view, I’m not a native English speaker so I don’t know what would make most sense (know satellite from google maps even though the high res phtos are taken from aeroplanes).

  4. Zeigfreid


    The server I play on is vanilla and has a no mod policy. We are all watching unmined’s development keenly, because this looks like the perfect mapping tool for our group. It is nice and “zoomed out” and doesn’t invade anyone’s privacy, and it offers the ability to put the map online where people can view it in there browser.

    If you were to include a mod element, I would want it to be optional and add functionality.

    That being said: keep up the good work, whatever that work entails!



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