Dev screenshot (Sept 3, 2014)

First screenshots of Unmined using in-game textures from installed Minecraft versions and resource packs.


With shadows:

Unmined 0.5.299dev

New uNmINeD .NET preview release for Minecraft up to 1.8-pre2 (download).


  • Added styling of block sub-ids
  • Changed style of minecraft:sand blocks with sub-id 1 to red sand

Work in progress

Unmined 0.5.298dev

New uNmINeD .NET preview release for Minecraft 1.7+ (1.8-pre2) (download):

  • Added night view

Unmined 0.5.297dev

New .NET preview release for Minecraft 1.7+ (14w33c) and BiomesOPlenty (download):

  • Added grid
  • Added command line interface (unminedc.exe)
  • Added Google Maps generator to command line version (no zoom yet, see example map)

Command line version usage example:

unminedc.exe rendertiles -o "d:\MyDestinationFolder" -l "d:\Minecraft\MultiMC\instances\14w33c\minecraft\saves\14w33c"



Night render showing well lighted areas and light sources.