Unmined is a live mapper and editor tool for Minecraft. It builds and maintains a cache database and renders a scrollable map quickly.

Unmined is in an early stage of development, preview versions are available for download.

(Delphi version is discontinued, C# port is on the way.)

18. September 2011 by megasys
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Unmined on Windows 8:

.NET unmined on Windows 8

15. December 2013 by megasys
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Work in progress

I’m working on the shading algorithm, and as always, coordinate systems are messed up twice, producing a perfectly mirrored image. The C# version is many times faster than the native code Delphi version, I still can’t believe it. Next time when Embarcadero says that Delphi is faster because of the native code, ask them about their memory manager and parallel execution performance.


05. October 2013 by megasys
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Progress report

This year I have learned C#, Visual Studio, frameworks and other .NET stuff. It’s good enough now, but I’m still a beginner, and uNmINeD is my first C# project ever. I had no much time to work on it, but I’ve made a pretty good progress.

What we have now?

  • NBT and Minecraft library created from scratch. It has less functionality than Substrate and has a different architecture.
  • Console application (targeting servers and Mono)
  • WPF application with tabbed GUI (requires .NET 4.5, no WinXP)
  • Map rendering code is almost ready

  • Map browser control for WPF is almost ready. It’s suitable for creating editor tools.
  • Planned Minecraft mod to dump block ids, names and other metadata to a file when the game starts.
  • Planned Minecraft mod to allow uNmINeD and other tools to connect running servers through a web service API and do online mapping and editing.

C# implementation of chunk loading is faster than the native code Delphi version o.O

I’m planning to release the source code of the Minecraft library, the map rendering library and all of the Minecraft mods on GitHub when they’re done.



03. October 2013 by megasys
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Creating a multithreaded infinite map control with layer support is much easier to do using C# and WPF. And so much less pain. Delphi was a lot of pain. And WPF is pretty fast. Unbelievable.

19. September 2013 by megasys
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Project is not dead. The first C#/.NET release will be a command line map renderer.

22. July 2013 by megasys
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.NET or Java?

I have started to port uNmINeD to C#/.NET because I can’t get rid of Delphi internal compiler errors when using generic classes. Java is also an option, but I have to work in C# from now and I want to do some experimenting. Java would be a better choice because it’s available on MacOS and Linux, and Minecraft itself is also written in Java. Hmm.

Unmined should be developed in...

  • C#/.NET (30%, 29 Votes)
  • Java (70%, 69 Votes)

Total Voters: 98

Loading ... Loading ...


17. January 2013 by megasys
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Compiler error

Development was halted for a while by an internal compiler error in Delphi. I have found a workaround, next release is coming.

22. November 2012 by megasys
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Work in progress

Next release will have a customizable coloring system. See the new roadmap for more upcoming features.

06. November 2012 by megasys
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Unmined 0.4.250dev

What’s new in 0.4.250dev (download):

  • Added transparent background option to Google Maps generator
  • Added Open folder context menu item to folder tree
  • Added Copy location and Go to context menu items to map
  • Added ID set manager
  • Added mod configuration file support
  • Removed LCTrees ID set (I cannot maintanin it, sorry)
  • Updated ExtraBiomesXL ID set to 3.1.0
  • Updated Vanilla ID set to Minecraft 1.4.0 1.4.2

Unmined now can read actual block and biome IDs from configuration files created by Minecraft mods. Screenshots below show how to set up ExtraBiomesXL:

23. October 2012 by megasys
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Unmined 0.4.242dev

What’s new in 0.4.242dev (download):

  • Improved Google Maps generator:
    • Balanced progress indicator
    • Added Minecraft block coordinate transformation functions (see this example)
    • Does not overwrite index.html

15. October 2012 by megasys
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