.NET or Java?

I have started to port uNmINeD to C#/.NET because I can’t get rid of Delphi internal compilerĀ errors when using generic classes. Java is also an option, but I have to work in C# from now and I want to do some experimenting. Java would be a better choice because it’s available on MacOS and Linux, and Minecraft itself is also written in Java. Hmm.

Unmined should be developed in...

  • C#/.NET (30%, 29 Votes)
  • Java (70%, 69 Votes)

Total Voters: 98

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18 thoughts on “.NET or Java?

  1. emilio

    i just tried this today and it’s a wonderful utility! i especially like the map colors and style that it turns out.

    Java, please! i usually game on a Windows machine but do everything else on a Mac, so the cross-platform feature would be great. also, it brings up the possibility of a managed server-side process that could regularly update a hosted map!

  2. Jonathan Dewar

    I’ve yet to come across a Java application for Windows that doesn’t have a terrible a UI. None of them ever use Windows’ native visual style, they always use that gray/blue/purple style that looks like came from the O/S2 era.

    If you can manage to develop this in Java and have it look native, I’m all for it, otherwise, I throw my vote in for C#/.NET.

  3. RiverC

    As much as Java is a popular option here (given Minecraft that’s not suprising) – but as a person who has used both C# and Java, may I encourage you to try C#? The intensity of the memory operations required here would favor C# in a heartbeat. Granted, you won’t get the same portability you’d get with Python or Java, but … well, it’s not Python or Java. You may wish to decide by seeing how fast each runs a ported version of Ron Perlin’s noise function; that will give you an idea of what your basic speed penalty is.

    I would predict something like the following:

    Slowest to fastest, Python, Java, C#.

  4. Ricowan

    Are you still working on this or is it dead? Any thoughts on releasing your pascal sources?

    I was curious too, why not just use normal classes instead of generics in the original code?

    1. megasys Post author

      Generic classes are lists, arrays, caches and entity managers. Unmined has a thread library and an event system capable of multiple listeners, these contain a lot of generic stuff.

      I’m working on the C# version and planning some Java stuff too.

      1. Ricowan

        Well, no, those are simple classes with specific data type requirements. That is, an array of ints requires ints to be passed in, etc. A generic class is one that encapsulates operations that are not specific to a particular data type.

        I’m not surprised that Delphi doesn’t support something like a generic array or list, but I’m pretty sure it supports simple arrays and lists.

        Not that I am disappointed to see this app move to C#, I prefer that over Delphi/Pascal, or even java, and I’m hoping some day the source will be opened up. :)

  5. Spike

    Excellent work! We’re using your mapper. We’d like to place a link to your website if you’d like. Please keep up the great work (and hopefully keep it C# .NET =) ).

  6. Gigabot

    Hey your mapper is great. Its hard enough to use the in-game maps that I constantly lose. And this has a zoom & slice.
    Java is nice and all but (the powerful) C is the best choice I would say.

  7. some guys

    oh well guess you’ve decided to not support linux then.

    it’s not like you could have stuck to mono libs. oh well. i guess steam will drop linux support.

    ohhhhhhh wellllllll.


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