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  1. meatcider

    Glad to see signs of life! This is still my go-to map renderer so looking forward to an update. If I had one wish fulfilled it would be to include custom colours for blocks in the xml set files, even just an RGB value. Cheers.

  2. OpenSource

    Great! No progress and no source which some could pick up and continue the project. Well done! I really despise such ego-minded projects.

  3. emilio

    i’m happy to see this update! i’m not too happy to see that development will continue in C#/.NET. i was really hoping for easy portability to other platforms… i’d love to have my CentOS server auto-generate maps periodically.

    1. megasys Post author

      Command line version supports Windows XP and will able to run on Linux and Mac using Mono.
      GUI version runs on Windows Vista/7/8 and requires .NET 4.5.


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