Status report

I can spend more time on uNmINeD in September and the coming months. Many things have been already done.

  • Redesigned internals to provide full supportĀ for Minecraft 1.13 and future mods
  • Reworked and highly customizable map renderer
  • Cleaned GUI code

First I will release a command line tool that can be used to generate single images and map tiles for Google Maps and other web based viewers. Then comes the GUI version and some documentation.

Thank you for your patience.

12 thoughts on “Status report

  1. Chicken

    Could anyone help me out? The world I wish to view just doesn’t show up, I click on the folder and the map is just the checkerboard transparency texture. It’s a realms server world of mine, I downloaded the latest save to see if it’d work but it doesn’t. There’s 12 saves, 11 of them being my sibling’s worlds, and only 6 maps show so I’m unsure what the differences could be between the worlds that are viewable and not. I’ve tried using other map viewers but I just don’t like the way they look compared to this one so I’d really appreciate the help I could get.

    1. Todd

      New worlds created in 1.13 can’t be displayed in latest uNmINeD. Old worlds created in prior versions of Minecraft and not upconverted to run in 1.13 will still display correctly with the exception of some unsupported block types (packed dirt for instance).

      Agreed that the aesthetics of maps generated using uNmINeD are superior to other available mapping apps so it’s nice to see megasys back on it.

  2. Roqinn

    I can’t wait for the updated Unmined to come out! This is my favorite mapping program ever! I recommend it to all my friends that play the game.

  3. Scott

    Thanks for this great viewer! Glad you’re still supporting it, the best looking maps by far. My only tiny complaint . . . I do wish it had diff textures for ores, like diamond, emerald, redstone etc. Can’t wait for the 1.13 release!

  4. roland

    How about Open Source this project so that we all can contribute to this awesome minecraft mapper?
    With this solution you don’t have to feel the same pressure to keep this project up to date.

    If not, don’t focus on all the bells and whistles, just release a working version for 1.13.x and then continue with all the details that you (and the community) want to add.

  5. Simon

    It’s been over two months now. How about releasing a beta, or alpha, or whatever. Just give us something ;)
    Your map renderings are the best and now they have been lost to use for so long :(


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