7 thoughts on “Progress

  1. John

    Your work is awesome. The dev version has worked without a hitch for me. I’ve posted my map in the website link, I added maplabel.js and village names using it. Thought you might find it of interest.

  2. Jared

    Is there any way to get the 1.7.4 biomes to render correctly in the 0.4.250dev version? I just discovered your software and it’s absolutely brilliant, but all my mesa biome is rendering as gray :(

    Thanks so much!

  3. SvenVvath

    This is an awesome program. I was adding in some IDset stuff since I play on a newer vesion of Minecraft and I was wandering how do I add in sub-ids. I added 168 Prismarine but how do I get 168:1 and 168:2 in there?


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