Work in progress

I’m working on the shading algorithm, and as always, coordinate systems are messed up twice, producing a perfectly mirrored image. The C# version is many times faster than the native code Delphi version, I still can’t believe it. Next time when Embarcadero says that Delphi is faster because of the native code, ask them about their memory manager and parallel execution performance.


6 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. emilio

    wonderful, thanks for the updates! nice to hear that it’s going to be a lot faster, too. my buddies and i have a decent-sized server and the overworld map files are well over 750MB; i tend to top out around 220CPS on a dual-core HT i5.

    my #1 hoped-for feature is still to get coordinates on the exported map, somehow. an in-image coordinate grid would be nice (e.g. a grid of dotted lines labeled at the edges), but the best case would be to get some kind of mouse position readout over the exported GMap UI.


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