Unmined 0.4.250dev

What’s new in 0.4.250dev (download):

  • Added transparent background option to Google Maps generator
  • Added Open folder context menu item to folder tree
  • Added Copy location and Go to context menu items to map
  • Added ID set manager
  • Added mod configuration file support
  • Removed LCTrees ID set (I cannot maintanin it, sorry)
  • Updated ExtraBiomesXL ID set to 3.1.0
  • Updated Vanilla ID set to Minecraft 1.4.0 1.4.2

Unmined now can read actual block and biome IDs from configuration files created by Minecraft mods. Screenshots below show how to set up ExtraBiomesXL:

12 thoughts on “Unmined 0.4.250dev

  1. TonyFox

    How do the manual block/biome ID mapping options work? Does it allow us to use custom colors for blocks or alter color algorithms (like terrain turning browner at high altitudes) yet?

  2. TonyFox

    Oh, I found a bug: when you resize a column in the ID sets selection box (Set, Blocks, Biomes, Status), the column name and the grip bar don’t move to the new position until the window is resized or maximized/restored.

  3. Corgano

    I’ve been using this for a while, and have recently tried the beta version and have several thoughts

    Please, for the love of all that is holy bring back the old “slice” selector! The new one is fancy, but smaller and harder to get an exact setting on. the old one spans the entire height, and I think is quite useful as it was

    another note on depth slicing, right now it shows everything under a certin y, what abotu having it show only n above and below the y? so you could set a “range” of 5 blocks, to show a map of layers 15-20, 20-25, 25-30, or even odd amounts like 32-37, to give nice maps of slices of your world?

    The file browser on the side is cool, but adds a lot of dead area to the gui. Making it hideable would be awesome

    as for the older version,
    I’ve also been wondering about a setting to save only a section of the rendered map. Such as, I have a large area some 20000 blocks out from spawn that I want to save a few maps of. saving a map would currently save the 19000 block area I made while wondering over to my current area, requiring some editing and a LOT of disk space to get a usable map out of.
    Speaking about saving maps, is there any way to toggle off the player indicator? it gets a little annoying when trying to save a pristine quality map that unmined usually generates

  4. Simon

    This looks amazing, I love the style of the maps when exported to google. Would it be possible for you to branch that functionality to linux so I can have it create those pretty stats via an hourly cron on my server?

  5. Tim

    Wow. You did a great job here. I tried a lot of Minecraft viewers, and yours is by far the fastest and looks so damn pretty.
    The colours are just beautiful, the shading of hard edges is super neat and the slicing feature works like a charme.
    Thanks a lot for building this! Go on! :)

  6. George French

    Hi, I really really like the look of this! I’ve seen it in action on a Raspberry Pi Server from command line and I want to do the same thing but in Ubuntu Server, could you help me get it working on command line? If you gave me the correct code and instructions.

    I would be very grateful.


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