Unmined test results for a large Minecraft world

Unmined was updating map of a huge world while I was writing the post on the same machine. CPU usage was around 70-80% according to Windows Task Manager and 320 MB of RAM were allocated. User interface elements were responsible, map was scrollable and fast, hard disk was working hard.

World properties:

  • 20000 x 20000 blocks
  • 9.66 GB folder size
  • 1600 regions (40 x 40)
  • map seed is 1758000052

World has been generated using Minecraft Land Generator. It’s a huge ocean, omg. Every single pixel representing one chunk (16 x 16 blocks) on this image, magnified area is 512 x 512 blocks wide and contains 1 pixel per block.


  • 70 minutes map update time when opened first time
  • 86 seconds map update time when reopened after playing and rebooting (without reboot it’s only 3 seconds because of OS disk cache)
  • 61 seconds image rendering time (20480 x 20480 pixels, BMP, 1.6 GB)
  • 367 MB cache folder size
  • PNG export failed, BMP works

Test machine has Intel Core i5 2500 CPU with 4 cores, 4 GB RAM, 2 TB SATA hard drive spinning at 7200 RPM and Windows 7 64 bit.

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