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Unmined 0.8.319dev


  • Added black wall edges to caves, allowing to see whether cave blocks next to each other are connected or not
  • Added colors to the default stylesheet (stone, big mushrooms, stone/wood buildings and farms now have different colors)
  • Changed metapack file format for blocks with data value (like “minecraft:sand:1”)
  • Fixed wrong seed displayed
  • Fixed some stylesheet issues



Explored and unexplored caves (underground + night view):


Unmined 0.7.313dev


  • Fixed air-only chunk crash
  • Added JSON configuration files:
    • Metapacks folder: information about blocks (text ID, block type, tags, etc.). You can create metapacks for Minecraft mods enabling uNmINeD to process and render modded blocks correctly.
    • Stylesheets folder: colors and effects assigned to individual blocks or tags. You can customize map colors by writing your own stylesheets.


  • uNmINeD detects numeric block IDs automatically for Minecraft 1.7+ Forge mods (from level.dat/FML/ItemData). Manual ID assignments are coming soon.
  • Bigger stylesheets and using numeric or text block IDs instead of tags causes no performance hit.


Unmined 0.7.312dev

New uNmINeD .NET version is available for Minecraft up to 1.8.x (download).

This version is ~10x faster than the old 0.4.x Delphi series.


  • Added zoom in/out buttons
  • Added speed indicator (chunks/second)
  • Added new NBT parser (faster chunk loading)
  • Optimized memory allocation (0.3-0.6GB total)
  • Balanced background/foreground tasks (improved GUI responsiveness)
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Fixed image export bugs
  • Fixed missing tiles