Unmined 0.8.319dev


  • Added black wall edges to caves, allowing to see whether cave blocks next to each other are connected or not
  • Added colors to the default stylesheet (stone, big mushrooms, stone/wood buildings and farms now have different colors)
  • Changed metapack file format for blocks with data value (like “minecraft:sand:1”)
  • Fixed wrong seed displayed
  • Fixed some stylesheet issues



Explored and unexplored caves (underground + night view):


6 thoughts on “Unmined 0.8.319dev

  1. Chameleonz

    hi great mappy thing

    cant you make it read the textures from the resourcepacks that is installed already ?
    (then there wil be less pink trees and things)

  2. CycoMiner

    That’d be sweet for packs such as Natura and plantmegapack that don’t have metapacks. Even the ability to have the tool pick a single colour from the resource pack for undefined blocks rather than have them show as pink would be cool.

    Also, is there a transparent option for blocks? Ie can Natura:Cloud be set to see through so it doesn’t map but what’s below it does? Slicing works well until you start cropping tall mountains :)

    P.S. Love the program. Great job!

  3. megasys Post author

    There will be many options to get rid of pink blocks (use custom color for unknown blocks, use colors from mapwriter output, use color of another block, define block type manually). I’m creating a Minecraft mod that dumps metadata information about blocks and biomes to json text files, and uNmINeD will able to use these files to get block types and colors.
    Clouds and any other blocks can be filtered out easily in the upcoming release.


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