Map tile cache is almost done. Zooming out is fast enough now and not limited to one level anymore.

This is a 4096 x 4096 world zoomed out to 1 pixel per chunk:

15 thoughts on “Zoom

  1. Valen

    Can you add the configuration feature of setting a custom Save-folder path? I use MultiMC to maintain multiple instances of a .Minecraft folder. But it isn’t, stored in %Appdata%, so I always need to locate the right folder.

  2. MazeusXenon

    Sooo… updates? Please? Anything? 1.4 is now planned for Halloween (so I hear/read)… anything before then? I am trying to wait patiently but now I am just getting antsy!!

  3. megasys Post author

    The new rendering architecture is ready, and it has a big potential for future development. There are some bugs needed to be fixed before release, i’m working on it now.

  4. Zeinath

    Love the tool, it’s super handy for getting our bearings and showing off our server, but my question to you would be weather or not you’ve had issued with the images it saves being corrupt?

    The 2:1 image option used to be 600 megs approx, member explored and now the image is 900ish (been trying both pic types) and I’ve been having only a 1 in 6 chance of the saved image being readable…

    1. megasys Post author

      How big is your map in blocks and how many CPU cores do you have?
      Version 0.4.x has different rendering architecture and a new png encoder that works without glitches, image export will be available soon.

      1. Zeinath

        Thanks for the response, though the issue was a stupidity on my part for not noticing.

        What it was is I was naming the map before saving each time, and it was “Name 9.20.12” for the format, and it was forgetting the .png and thinking it was a .12 file after it finished writing. I mistakenly assumed it was going to add .png to the end of whatever was chosen for the name.

        On the upside, tool is still awesomesauce! Had to change to a 2:1 ratio recently though, member explored 18k blocks to the west, finally found a mooschroom biome, and the 1:2 resolution is 9 gigs, LOL. 2:1 is atleast the old 600 meg size, which reloaded in Paint.net resizes it down to approx 11 megs automatically on first save.


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